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Pregnancy and birth are a natural process. At Bay Area Birth Center, we specialize in providing personal care for women and families who want natural birth. Our free-standing birth center is:

  • Designed to be a safe place for your natural birth
  • Located just three minutes from a hospital
  • Licensed by the state of Texas
  • Founded by Jackie Griggs, Certified Nurse-Midwife

Women in the Houston, Galveston, and Beaumont areas of Texas choose Bay Area Birth Center for compassionate and comprehensive prenatal and birth services, well woman care and childbirth classes.

We can also support you in giving birth at home. At Bay Area Birth Center in Pasadena, Texas, we provide attentive, informed and personalized care for every aspect of your maternal health.

Meet Our Midwives

Words from our clients…

I am so thankful that I found you to help me through this pregnancy, labor, and delivery. My experience with homebirth will forever live in my heart. I can now let go of all of the doubt and feelings of failure leftover from my c-section. I can trust my body and my instincts again. I believe that B will reap the rewards of her gentle entry into the world for her whole life. Thank you for being a homebirth midwife and making this choice available for women in our area.
Diana G.(mother of one born at home)

 Come home to the care you envision.

From all of us at Bay Area Birth Center, we look forward to providing dignified care that respects your choices, celebrates your health and empowers your birth experience. You’re invited to learn more by scheduling a complimentary consultation to tour our facilities, meet our staff and talk about the care you envision.

New to Houston or considering transferring care late in pregnancy?  We’d love to have you!


News from Bay Area Birth Center

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New rooms at the Birth Center!

Construction and remodeling is finally finished at the Birth Center! We are so thankful to have two new birth rooms, a new family waiting room, and a large store room. We have also had all the rooms in the old … Continue reading

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Birth Announcements from Bay Area Birth Center


Baby Naja here!

Baby Benjamin born !!!